We carry a premium range of products under the MIDAS brand. Products under this umbrella brand fall under the ranges of MIDAS Oils, MIDAS Car Care range, MIDAS Style Range, MIDAS Batteries and MIDAS Professional Tool range.

The MIDAS Liquid Gold oil range is a quality guaranteed range that comes in three types namely; SAE40 Monograde Oil, 15W40 Multigrade Diesel oil and the 20W50 Multigrade oil.

MIDAS Professional Tools
The MIDAS Professional Tool range offers a variety of toolkits and toolsets as well as professional hand tools of a reputable quality. All the tools in this range come with a lifetime guarantee.

Our MIDAS Style range offers elegant car styling and accessories for different types of vehicle exteriors and interiors. From car seat covers to top-of-the-range wheel caps, you will find something to suit your vehicle at our store.

MIDAS Car Care 
Our car care range boasts products intended to keep your car in tip-top condition while also looking the part. We stock a variety of affordable car cleaning products as well as chemicals to maintain your engine and the performance of your vehicle.